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Business finances

As an entrepreneur, it’s not always in the budget to have a full time accounting department. Enter Interactive Accountants! We give you the accounting department of your dreams.

  • Each client is assigned a trained staff accountant, accounting manager, and tax manager to run your finance department, all under the guidance of a CPA firm.
  • Bookkeeping and reconciliations are done by your assigned staff accountant.
  • Financial statements are prepared and issued by your accounting manager and then discussed with you on a timely manner.
  • Your tax manager handles all the quarterly estimates and annual filings and provides ongoing tax advice.
All this takes place without you having to lift a finger, and it all happens in budget! So if you’re tired of having to ask your CPA for advice, come join the hundreds that are taking the Interactive approach to their business finances.

  • Dedicated team for your business.
  • Trained Experts in our field.
  • Timely and accurate reporting.
  • We always respond to your requests.