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Accounting Services for Amazon's Delivery Service Partner (DSP) Program

If you’re an Amazon delivery service provider (DSP) owner, then you’ve found the right accounting firm to assist with all your needs. We’ve been working with DSP owners since Amazon first launched the program back in 2018. Today we guide and mentor many DSP owners on their accounting and tax needs.

One of the key underlying requirements for owning your own business is keeping accurate accounting records. Accounting for Amazon DSP's is not rocket science for sure, but having a partner that understands the nuances to your industry is very important. Not every CPA firm is going to understand why you don’t want to give Amazon access to your accounting records. What’s the difference in net income from those who pay for their own vehicle costs vs. those where Amazon pays for the fleet. They don’t know the in’s and out’s of your rate cards, or even what a rate card is for that matter, of an Amazon DSP owner.

We also understand that for some of you, this is your first business and we are here to help you understand all the new tax and accounting matters that affect you. We also provide structured tax advice related to Income Taxes for Amazon DSP Owners, that fits within the parameters of your contract with Amazon. Most CPA’s just don’t understand what Amazon allows DSP owners to do, especially when it comes to Income Taxes for Amazon DSP Owners. Having been a partner with fellow Amazon DSP owners for years now, we know what issues to assist you with when it comes to your accounting and taxes, as well as the struggles DSP owners deal with on a daily basis. We do this all for a fixed monthly fee that’s very competitive and well within the budget of any DSP owner.

At Interactive Accountants, LLC you are teamed up with some of the best and brightest in the industry. Every Amazon DSP owner has a dedicated bookkeeper, accounting manager and tax manager assigned to them. Every task that is required of your business is assigned to one of your team members and performed on time, according to your plan’s specifications. Interactive Accountants takes the worry out of the accounting and tax matters that business owners face. We do this all virtually, so no matter where in the USA you are, we can handle it. We work with Amazon DSP owners from as far west as California, to as far east as Florida.

So whether you’re a new Amazon DSP owner, or have been in the game for a while now, you need a CPA firm that truly understands what you’re working with, and that firm is Interactive Accountants. So give us a call or schedule a free consultation with our owner Matthew Shiebler, CPA. He’s been practicing accounting for over 25 years now and is a business owner, just like you!

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