Episode 1 – The Voice of the Interactive Entrepreneur

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Episode 1 – The Voice of the Interactive Entrepreneur

Podcast #1 The Voice of the Interactive Entrepreneur

Hello everyone, welcome to the interactive entrepreneur podcast sponsored by Interactive Accountants. I am your host Matt Shiebler, this is a new podcast that will be talking about issues that are facing today's entrepreneurs. So we're not talking about federal government issues you know or politics here. We’re really about things that are affecting the small business entrepreneur.

Okay we're going to get into the nitty-gritty on, Mark going to get into issues with staff, we're going to get into just plain old issues like why is my insurance costing me $10,000. And just find out what other entrepreneurs like ourselves are actually doing to help fight these expenses or you know tackle these issues.

It's really going to be an interactive approach where hopefully every week we can have a new entrepreneur come on the show and we're going to just run down a scenario. You know like for example I am trying to hire someone to answer the phone or even, I'm just trying to even find somebody to clean the office once a week you know what I mean.

Simple things right, but you know that we just you know as entrepreneurs we don't have the time necessarily to do so we find it difficult to find people we don't know what to pay people sometimes we don't know where to go for answers. So this show The Interactive Entrepreneur and this is our inaugural podcast I'm going to be flying solo today.

One big issue I am experiencing in my accounting firm right now is trying to deal with Google ads. A lot of us as entrepreneurs whether we’re selling stuff online or selling our services, we use google ads to generate traffic for our websites right? Hopefully from there we bring these people into our funnel and get their information, reach out to them, have a meeting online or in person and you know make the deal.

That's ultimately the goal, you know, to get a new customer, a new account, new sale, whatever business they made so my has that I've been spending Maybe you know on Google ads. So my headache lately has been that I've been spending not a ton of money around 1000-2000 dollars a month on Google Ads, and wonderful in the sense that when searching for a topic like one of ours was accounting for ecommerce. We’ll show up but we're only showing up in the end we're not showing up as well in the organic search and then you know people just click on ads and look on the website you know walking away so maybe I've got even more issues than I know about.

But the Google ads was really an expensive event, I don't know what else to call it. Lets just pause there for a sec and i turned it off you know. I just really wasn't finding that I was getting bang for the buck that I wanted and because of that I am reaching out to a couple of different firms right now to see if I can get some. I’m out there yelling right and I'm trying to get some help you know. So what I would encourage anyone listening to this podcast is if you know you've got a really good Google ads person and you want to and I'll let them know I'm looking.

Our email address here is info@ia.tax no .com we keep it short and sweet.Let me know you know that your Google ads are working for what you're doing you know I am I'm at a loss, I really am. We do wonderful work when it comes to accounting and when it comes to taxes. Our Google reviews are positive, thank God, pretty much we’re five stars across the board. But on the other side of the coin on the marketing side you know if I know I think that's probably one of the hardest things for us as entrepreneurs to also focus on, you know.Some of us are great at it don’t get me wrong, but this accountant over here he’s struggling.

So that is one of the problems I am facing with these google ads and to try and get some benefits for my investment. Currently we are communicating with people who work with Google Ads and seeing what they say. We're taking that action, but I’m happy to get some other referrals on this as well.

I think we're doing okay on the SEO side of things, a firm SRP Communications helped us out with that, and you know we're doing good. Without the google ads it feels like swimming against the current. So that's that's my problem like I said this podcast is going to really reach out to other entrepreneurs aside from myself and you know hear what their real-world problems they're having or you know what successes they're having even you know what I mean.

We're really going to try to just share some of this information with all the other entrepreneurs out there and hopefully it helps them. So this is a podcast number one number one and hopefully each week from here on out will be expanding upon this Venture of Interactive Accountants who sponsors us. If you want to check this out online you can certainly do it @interactiveaccountants.com.

Just to kind of market myself for a second here we are at CPA firm we focus on four distinct industries offering the complete accounting solution. As the phrase goes, riches are in the niches so we work with law firms, we work with Healthcare professionals, we work with Amazon delivery service partners, and we also work with ecommerce entrepreneurs. That's a little bit about us and where we're going with this podcast and I really look forward to sharing stories without everyone each and every week from here on out. Thanks everybody, hope you enjoyed this one and if you want to get in touch with us again it's InteractiveAccountants.com and take care.