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Accounting for Legal Professionals and Law Firms

As an attorney, you are juggling various tasks at any given time, from managing client matters, marketing your firm, ensuring CLE is met, staff development, cash flow, and more. Why worry about the accounting responsibilities for your law firm when you can outsource all of that to a professional law firm accounting company that specializes in business finances, like Interactive Accountants?

When it comes to accounting for law firms, our law firm accountants and CPAs at Interactive Accountants pride themselves in understanding all tax and accounting matters related to law firms.

Why Hire a Law Firm Accountant?

When you hire an accountant to handle the financial documents related to your law firm, it's crucial to your business that they understand how one seemingly minor error in your trust accounts, business accounts, tax filing, or financial reporting could negatively affect your practice. Hiring an accounting team that specializes in law firm accounting and understands the importance of intricate details associated with the accounting needs of those who practice law is essential in collecting financial data and compiling your firm's financial reports.

The Benefits of Hiring a Law Firm Accountant

When you hire an experienced and reputable law firm accounting professional, you can confidently trust that your CPA understands the personal and business finances related to law firm bookkeeping and law firm accounting.

The CPAs at Interactive Accountants offer a variety of law firm accounting services, such as:
• Tax planning
• Tax filing
• Compliance and ethics rules
• Treasury management
• Lease negotiations
• Financial reports
• Bookkeeping tasks
• Legal accounting software management
• and More!

At interactive Accountants, we understand the needs unique to your law firm's accounting and your law firm's financial health. Accounting for law firms should not be left to just any old accountant, but rather placed in the hands of a tax preparation professional with years of experience working with law firms and professionals in your industry.

Hire a Law Firm Accountant Who Understands Your Industry

At Interactive Accountants, we are a licensed CPA firm whose skills, knowledge, and talents surpass those of just any internet bookkeeping company. We are a fully licensed law firm accounting business, with years of dedicated experience in preparing financial statements for lawyers and law firms.

Interactive Accountants is a certified law firm accounting organization and member of the AICPA, taking the code of ethics in preparing and filing accurate financial statements to heart. When looking for an accountant to serve your law firm, it's important you find a CPA company that truly cares about being a professional, following the code of ethics related to the law, and whose financial management of your practice is superior to the competition.

At Interactive Accountants, all our staff is trained, mentored, and experienced in putting the needs of you, your law firm, and your law firm's clients' best interests in mind.

Taxes for Law Firms

At Interactive Accountants, we know the best tax deductions for you and your firm. You can read our article about Tax planning for Legal Professionals and Attorneys, which demonstrates the extra care and attention we pay to understanding legal accounting. Through education and experience, we tailor a plan to fit your budget and lifestyle that allows you to take advantage of all the legal tax deductions and credits associated with your business.

Choose a Professional Law Firm Accountant for Tax Planning and Tax Reporting

Our CPAs at Interactive Accountants do not expect that your law school education prepared you with everything you need to know when it comes to your law firm's tax planning and reporting- that job is one for professional accountants who understand the types of accounting needs of your business.

Working with your appointed certified public accountant at our tax preparation company, we will ensure that every financial transaction, bank account, and expense is accounted for.

Our CPAs have experience working with:
• Trust accounting rules
• Business expenses
• Business bank accounts
• Client trust accounts
• Lawyers trust accounts
• Financial records
• Payroll taxes
• Accounts payable
• IOLTA accounts
• Law firm operating funds
• Personal and business expenses
• Legal practice management software
• Security and fraud protection
• and More!

Contact Interactive Accountants for Your Law Firm Accounting Needs

Interactive Accountants are a dedicated team of professional CPAs who work closely with our law firm clients, always focused on communication, accuracy, and integrity in all aspects of your law firm's accounting processes. Only trust your firm's financial accounts to accountants who understand and have experience working collaboratively with legal professionals such as yourself.

The accounting for your firm's finances must be done accurately and legally in all aspects. Therefore, entrust your law firm's financial health and tax reporting to professionals whose knowledge and talents reflect the needs of your business.

Call Interactive Accountants today at 305-517-3977 to book your free consultation or fill out the form below to get started.

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