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Bill pay using your quickbooks online (QBO)


Dear valued clients and colleagues,

QBO is now allowing you to pay your bills directly from their software using it's new bill pay option.  When you enter a bill now, it will give you the option to schedule a payment using either an e-check or debit card.  This is a wonderful feature and other services like bill.com actually charge for this service, but this is TOTALLY FREE to use with your QBO subscription.  You can also just enter and pay as you do now if you wish, just check the drop down box next to where it now says schedule payment, and select save and close or save and new.  
I personally have been waiting for this day.  No more paper checks!  No more wire transfers needed, unless timing is of course of the essence.  All you need is your vendor's routing and account number and you can pay them ACH directly.  All the while capturing this payment right in your accounting software.  
For additional details on how to use this handy new feature, please call us.  
All the best,

Mathew Shiebler, CPA

Matthew Shiebler, CPA is the President of Interactive Accountants, LLC a CPA Firm based in Doral. He is a licensed CPA in the states of Florida, New Jersey and New York and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Since 1993, it has been his mission to help small and medium sized companies to comply with all their accounting needs. Whether it be taxes, finances or acquisitions and mergers, Matthew is well versed in all aspects. Matthew has unique experience in the hospitality and restaurant industries, law firms, medical practices, e-commerce, technology firms and start-ups. It is his passion to bring his experience and knowledge to all his clients.

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