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How to fire your old accountant... kindly but firmly!

How to fire your old accountant....kindly but firmly!

There's no easy way to terminate services with a professional, but when you've had enough and it's time to move on, keeping things professional and non-emotional is a great way to proceed.  Whenever our new clients ask us about this, we simply advise them to send the below letter to their prior accountant:

Dear Past Accountant,

Effective immediately, we are terminating your services with our company.  We have retained the accounting and tax office of Interactive Accountants, LLC to provide our future accounting and tax needs.  You will be contacted shortly by Mr. Matthew Shiebler, CPA to arrange for all of our accounting records in your possession to be forwarded to him or one of his associates.

We appreciate your past efforts and wish you good luck in your future.

Best regards,

Business Owner

Now one thing to keep in mind is that if you do owe your prior accountant money, they may try to hold hostage your personal data.  If you're working with a CPA or CPA firm, this goes against their code of ethical behavior and a simple reminder of this usually resolves the matter.  The amount you owe them is separate from the personal data they may be in possession of.  If you're not working with a CPA, then you may be in store for a little bit of turbulence.  Usually a call from our office can resolve the matter, once we're engaged.  

So if you're considering a new accounting firm, think of us.  We're here to help you minimize your taxes and measure your success!

Mathew Shiebler, CPA

Matthew Shiebler, CPA is the President of Interactive Accountants, LLC a CPA Firm based in Doral. He is a licensed CPA in the states of Florida, New Jersey and New York and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Since 1993, it has been his mission to help small and medium sized companies to comply with all their accounting needs. Whether it be taxes, finances or acquisitions and mergers, Matthew is well versed in all aspects. Matthew has unique experience in the hospitality and restaurant industries, law firms, medical practices, e-commerce, technology firms and start-ups. It is his passion to bring his experience and knowledge to all his clients.

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